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Dublin, April 5th-7th

Ever seen a legend in his 80′s sass 2,000 people in an auditorium? Ever seen an illustrator hula-hooping to Van Halen? Everyone at OFFSET2013 did. On the back of our most successful ticket sales campaign, this edition of the festival built on the previous two years.

Again we brought an exciting mix of illustration, street art, design and more to Dublin, this year also adding innovators in digital marketing and 3D mapping. Iain Tait, the Executive Creative Director of Google Labs talked us through the quirks of early web creativity, and DRIVE Productions showcased their cutting edge work for global clients. The Irish were represented by Jonathan McHugh and Children’s Laureate, Niamh Sharkey amongst others. Seminal designer Vaughan Oliver was on various stages for over 2 hours back to back and Kate Moross was everywhere.

We were delighted to welcome back OFFSET alumni Stephen Heller, Adrian Shaughnessy, Rilla Alexander and Steve Alexander from Rinzen, all of whom appeared on the second stage.

Louise Fili’s elegance impressed. Oliviero Toscani was a force of nature. Hvass and Hannibal charmed the audience, as much as Bob Gill, combative as ever, was divisive.

It’s always a good sign when at the end of the festival the younger members of the delegation are trying to rob the venue dressing for souvenirs.


Dublin, March 9th-11th

Wondering why there was no OFFSET in 2011? So were a lot of people. The reason for the break was to move the festival from early Autumn to late Spring – a symbol of a new creative dawn…maybe.

OFFSET2012 was a gigantic success – fully settled in to our home in the Docklands we again added to the numbers attending, reaching up towards capacity in the 2,000 seater venue. This time around the design cohort was lead by industry rockstar, Stefan Sagmeister, followed by Michael Bierut and Paula Scher of Pentagram, NYC. We caught Jessica Hische just as her fame was rising, much like Conor Harrington, who’d come from the streets and ended up in galleries. We had some of the world’s most creative advertising companies too, including Erik Kessels, founder of Kesselskramer, and CEO of the most exciting advertising agency in the world, Droga5’s Andrew Essex. And there was Kyle Cooper, who’s probably designed more opening sequences for movies than you’ve bought cinema tickets.

Oh yeah, and Shepard Fairey came along to talk about his work and to play a DJ set at the afterparty.


Dublin, April 5th-7th

2010 – the year OFFSET grew up.

We switched venues to the then newly opened Grand Canal Theatre. A spectacular auditorium in the heart of Dublin’s regenerated Docklands. We had more speakers, a second room for interviews and discussion and most importantly, loads more of you – we more than doubled the number of delegates attending OFFSET.

Taking to the stage that year were leading lights of international illustration, Gary Baseman (watch a bemused and masked Steve Simpson trying to interview Gary below), Nate Williams, Emily Forgot and Martin Haake with Irish counterparts headed up by Alan Clarke and the Irish Guild of Illustrators. Mark Farrow and David Carson talked about inspiration from two different ends of the spectrum and Lance Wyman told yarns about a life spent immersed in design. Then there was street art, fashion, magazines, digital advertising, animation and music – and a second stage packed out for an interview with DJ Shadow. And will anyone who was there ever forget George Lois inspiring a standing ovation?

If you weren’t there, start clicking below.


Dublin, November 6th-8th

It started small.

Our venue, the Liberty Hall theatre seated only 450 people. And even then we didn’t know if people would want to come. We sold out! Which should not have been a surprise really, when you have a glance through the line-up. We had one of the world’s most prestigious and influential designers, whose work helped define New York, Massimo Vignelli. The man behind The Sandman comic covers, the inspirational artist and writer, Dave McKean. We were joined by both the inimitable designer, Chip Kidd and the globetrotting Oliver Jeffers whose star was on the rise – and has since kept rising. And of course, Sir Peter Blake took the stage to talk about his life’s work. Add to this Pentagram, Graphic Thought Facility, London Police, Experimental Jetset, Anthony Burrill, Tara McPherson and many more and you start to realise, OFFSET was never really all that small.