lecool_feat Guest post by le cool 
(Image based on M&E le cool cover, 2013)

It’s (almost) time for the (almost) annual, much-needed, inspiration injection that OFFSET provides. We were honoured to be asked to provide some content for this site and we hope that we don’t disappoint with the hawk-eyes of the creative community over our shoulders.

Our content takes a number of forms but the common denominator is ‘inspiration’. We want – as we do every week in le cool – to draw attention to the people and the works that inspire us. We’re intrigued by the creative process: where creatives get inspiration from, and more importantly, where they take it to.

Each day this week we will feature a ‘Craft Punk’, someone who we feel is currently engaged in interesting work and rather than wax lyrical about their processes we’ve asked our favourite photographers; Sean Breithaupt and Yvette Monaghan (seanandyvette) to document them at work in a series of fantastic photo essays.

We’ve also drawn from our pool of previous cover artists to plough their brains for inspiration, from all types and art forms and finally, along with Louise Gaffney, we’ve taken a look at a sub-culture that always engages us, Street Art. After all, we feel that Street Art is the most demographic art form out there, and it takes place in the largest exhibition space we know – our urban environment.

We hope you like what we’ve created, we’re delighted to be part of Art Week and we’ll see you in April.

– le cool

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