David O’Reilly joined us at OFFSET2010, to preview his short The External World. He is recognized as one of the most distinctive new talents working in animation, both by Hollywood and by the public at large. He’s had his work shown at Sundance and the London Intl. Animation Festival, as well as providing stage visuals for M.I.A. and a music video for U2. Course, all of that stuff pales in comparisson to the fact that he’s doing a special episode for season five of Adventure Time. 

 Here’s a recap of some of his work and some interviews dragged from the web. 



A discussion of his short, Please Say Something.


“McCloud basically says that detail objectifies characters, while cartooning leads to viewer identification & subjectivity. My goal however was not cartooning but making designs more generic and expressionless. My central belief is that being neutral with aesthetics is more important than being appealing, which is a strong line of thought in cinema but rarely seen in animation. I didn’t want to use animal characters until I saw Jason (John Arne Sæterøy) use them in a sincere way.”

Arte TV did a 15 min long interview with David in 2011, while he still lived in Berlin.



This one from Gestaltan has WAY higher production values. From 2008, it covers some of his early work. It’s also pretty amazing to see that even at such a young age he was thinking deeply about his craft.



But then there’s this

Q: You have a lot of very surreal unique work, do you have any inspirations you get ideas from?

A: There is a lake near some woods about six miles from here. I swam in several times and saw many fish. I was hungry one evening and tried to spear them with a sharpened branch I made. It didn’t work. I got exhausted and as I was falling asleep I resolved only to use a fishing rod in the future.

David’s own website is a great place to start getting to know his work. He’s also a very worthwhile follow on Twitter.





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