Recognised for his short, Procrastination, Johnny went on to do commercial work that, well, doesn’t really feel like commercial work. He recently was made a member of the Alliance Graphique International, making him only the second Irish member ever.

He’s probably best known now for his work on Chipotle’s Back to the Start spot that blew everyone’s mind.  Here’s the making of (in case your mind wasn’t blown enough by the original piece).



There’s a fantastic interview with him for The Oculus Online, that pretty much covers everything up to last year.

“I wasn’t a great graphic designer – for example I love typography but I am terrible at it, so instead I would end up trying to make illustrations for every poster or brochure I designed. I think a grounding in graphic design was incredibly useful for me though, and informs how I work now in a big way.”

Course, there’s loads of great work to look at.




And going back to where it all started for him…



He also was the drummer of goth rock band, Type O Negative



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